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Projects using the MSP430 microcontroller

New MSP430 Tutorials

Gustavo Litovski has posted an updated version of his MSP430 tutorial on his site

This is a nice concise introduction to the platform. Code examples use IAR, but should be fairly portable to other compilers.

Another complete set of tutorials that I have found useful is available at the Scientific Instruments using MSP430 site. These tutorials use the free TI Code Composer Studio IDE.

I typically find the commercial IDEs to be bloated and unnecessarily cluttered. I’m not a big fan of Microsoft dev tools, and it unfortunately appears that compiler vendors view MSVC as THE gold standard. The tools are bristling with tabs, toolbars, and HUD windows that add little value to the development process; it always reminds me of a weapons-laden comic book superhero. BEHOLD MY MANY OPTIONS!

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done my time writing production C++ in MSVC, and the options that I’m complaining about do occasionally come in handy. At least some of them. Unfortunately, when learning a completely new platform, the clutter is little more than a distraction. I’ll probably be doing my initial MSP430 development in good old fashioned emacs with mspgcc. Once I get more comfortable with the platform I may look more closely at IDE options; Rowley Crossworks looks intriguing. Crossworks has a native Mac version and also supports most of the available microcontroller platforms. As an added bonus, they have an affordable personal license available.