Message to Eaton: Help would be appreciated!

Looking over my Google Analytics pages I’m seeing a few hits each week that appear to be coming from Eaton corporate networks. Welcome! FYI, I’ve been receiving quite a few messages from people who really like their HHB hardware. Most of these users were disappointed when Eaton stopped supporting the online HHB service, and are trying to find a workable replacement. I’d love to help out in this regard; the more I learn about this hardware and its capabilities the more impressed that I am with the solution that was developed. Kudos to the technical, engineering, and design staff – you should be proud of the accomplishment.

I’ve sent several messages to Eaton requesting technical information on the platform, but have thus far been ignored. It is quite possible that my pleas simply have not reached the correct people. If you are from Eaton and have any influence in this regard, please pass my contact information along. If you have a better email address available that you think would result in a response, please pass it along in the comments.

I will eventually reverse-engineer enough of this product to be able to build an open replacement for the previous web service. My interest in this area is not profit-driven, and I am not trying to monetize this in any way, shape, or form. Eaton has abandoned this product and has left its customers hanging. The hardware remaining in the marketplace remains perfectly usable, but without community support it will end up in the landfill. Again, if you are with Eaton, please try to encourage the powers that be to release technical information to the community. If you are not with Eaton, but would like to either participate in development or are a customer who was abandoned by Eaton and are looking for a replacement solution, please contact Eaton directly and try to encourage them to release the information.

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  1. My HHB system arrived yesterday. I have only gotten as far as unpacking it and charging the home key, but I look forward to getting into the guts of it. I don’t have much to contribute at this point, but just wanted to leave a comment that I am willing to help out and work on this project. If we start to get more activity/interest in this from the web community I can put up a community forum so we can start organizing our thoughts.

    I agree that the device seems to be well designed an very hackable. Where they cut their throats was going with a POTS interface vs a TCP/IP ethernet interface.

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