Cook Technologies Steel Raspberry Pi Case


I discovered this case while browsing through eBay looking at Raspberry Pi offerings. I’ve been looking for a slightly more rugged case for one of my Pis, and this one seemed to fit the bill nicely. Some may argue that spending $28 for a case for a $35 computer is excessive, but given how difficult it is to actually lay hands on a Raspberry Pi these days it seemed like an easily justifiable expense. I ordered two Raspberry Pis on November 1 and just received the first one a couple of days ago. I ordered this case from eBay on 11/28 and it arrived today (12/3).

Initial impressions of the case make it very clear that the case was designed and built by a competent, experienced manufacturer who actually cares about quality. The case is hefty, made of 19 gauge cold rolled steel, and is beautifully painted with a black powder coat finish. No sharp edges to be found. Screw holes line up evenly and are cleanly drilled and tapped. Cutouts for the Raspberry Pi line up precisely, have ample clearance for their intended use without providing too much of a gap. Inside the case the manufacturer has provided foam inserts to firmly hold the Pi in place and prevent any circuitry from shorting against the steel case. The Pi fits snugly within the lower half of the case without being “wedged in” to the provided space. Once assembled, the Raspberry Pi is held firmly in place and the case feels substantial.

I only have a couple of complaints about the case, and they are really minor quibbles. First, an option for mounting ears would be extremely beneficial; a provision for securely mounting the case to a cabinet would expand the case’s potential applications. Finally, the case really should have some kind of light pipe arrangement for the Pi’s LEDs. A hole is indeed provided for this purpose, but it seems odd given the otherwise stellar build quality of the case.

I am in no way associated with Cook Technologies, I’m just a VERY happy customer. It is, unfortunately, rare these days to discover a manufacturer who provides this kind of fit and finish in a product geared towards the hobbyist. This case is a pleasant exception to this unfortunate rule. The case is currently available for $28 USD from eBay seller cooktechinc with free shipping. Worth every penny, IMHO.

More pictures of the case follow…

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