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Hacking Eaton HomeHeartbeat Part 4: Why Bother?

It’s been asked. Why bother? Seriously? HomeHeartbeat was hot sh*t back in 2005, but isn’t it showing it’s age now?

All valid questions. Consider this, however – let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you were just now getting into home automation. You really like the idea of building up a dataset of what’s happening in your house – how often doors are left open, lights are left on, etc. You want to make sure that lights are never left on in unoccupied rooms; you have a feeling that this happens a lot, but you really don’t have any proof. Say you want to know just how hot your attic gets in the summer, and whether or not that is a contributing factor to why the upstairs of your house feels like a bloody toaster in August. Continue reading

Hacking Eaton Home Heartbeat Part 2: They’re Heeeeerrrrrreeee…

I received a box chock full o’ Eaton Home Heartbeat devices today.  They are nice little devices, fairly well designed (if a bit boxy).  I was up and running with a basic installation in a matter of minutes – very nice.  Each sensor has a little slot on top where the hardware key fits; to add a sensor to the network you need only place the key in the slot and select ‘add device’ on the key.  The key itself is a little Zigbee device with a backlit LCD and a scroll/click wheel (think mouse click wheel).  Devices can be edited using this litle device, can be renamed and even removed from the network.  Device naming seems fairly limited, one can select from a pre-defined list of names to use for a given sensor.  Docking the key with the base station both recharges the key and (I assume) backs up its configuration to the base station.  You can also set alarm types for different events – either a local alarm (which beeps the key and makes the display backlight colors change to red) or a phone-based alarm. which I’ll get to later. Continue reading