Hacking Eaton HomeHeartbeat Part 5: Ack! No Time!

Between one daughter’s wedding and another daughter’s surgery I haven’t had any time to play with this stuff this week.  I did, however, clean out my friendly Ebay vendor’s supply of $5 sensors for my collection, adding a few more motion detectors, a couple door/window sensors, and some other miscellaneous stuff.  Plenty of devices to tear apart and experiment with.  More information to come…

Hacking Eaton HomeHeartbeat Part 4: Why Bother?

It’s been asked. Why bother? Seriously? HomeHeartbeat was hot sh*t back in 2005, but isn’t it showing it’s age now?

All valid questions. Consider this, however – let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you were just now getting into home automation. You really like the idea of building up a dataset of what’s happening in your house – how often doors are left open, lights are left on, etc. You want to make sure that lights are never left on in unoccupied rooms; you have a feeling that this happens a lot, but you really don’t have any proof. Say you want to know just how hot your attic gets in the summer, and whether or not that is a contributing factor to why the upstairs of your house feels like a bloody toaster in August. Continue reading Hacking Eaton HomeHeartbeat Part 4: Why Bother?

Book Review: Getting Started with the Internet of Things

I rarely write up book reviews except in extreme cases.  I admit that I am a harsh critic; rarely do I find a book worthy of praise, and when I do my reviews tend towards being large volumes in and of themselves.  This is a good thing – writing a book is a massive undertaking and I have a great amount of respect for anyone who undertakes the task.  Which is why I find it so frustrating when I find a book that is just plain bad.  I just can’t understand why someone would put themselves through the tedium and all of the work involved with writing and publishing a mediocre (or worse) book.

I really, really wanted to like this book.  It’s been talked up for months now, and while I don’t usually fall for hype, I admit to having high expectations for [amazon_link id=”1449393578″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Getting Started with the Internet of Things[/amazon_link] from the folks at Make:Projects.

Continue reading Book Review: Getting Started with the Internet of Things

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