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Don’t Be Afraid of Surface Mount Components!

While taking stock of the components I had on hand last weekend I found a small box of sample components that I had ordered from Maxim a while back; Two each of several components: DS2717 RTC, DS2438 Smart Battery Monitor,  DS2762 Hi-precision Li+ Battery Monitor with Alerts, and an DS2408 8-channel addressable switch.  These parts all have a couple things in common – first, they are all 1-Wire devices, but more to the point they are all surface mount components.  The 2717 is a TSOC-6, the 2438 is a SOIC-8, the 2762 is a TSSOP-16, and the 2408 is a SOIC-16.  And they are *tiny*.  Seriously.  My renewed interest in electronics and the Arduino spurred me on to research whether hand soldering was even possible with these parts, and I was pleased to discover that not only is it possible, it’s really quite easy as long as you use decent tools and follow a few simple guidelines.

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